Selective Course: Research Models of Human Disease SoSe 2021/2022

This course will help you develop the necessary skills to discuss and critique scientific research articles on basic research aimed at uncovering mechanisms of human disease. With this knowledge you will be able to develop research questions, prepare for your own research, or simply accompany recent developments in your favorite area of medicine.

You will learn about the scientific method, and state-of-art technologies used to recreate human disease conditions in model organisms.

We will read scientific articles in class, and go through important discoveries that propelled our understanding of congenital disease (birth defects), induced-pluripotent cells and their applications, neoplasia, neurodegeneration, mental disorders, and ageing. 

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Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Inês M.A. Ribeiro, Ph.D.

Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology (Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence i.f.)